Albania, smooth or rough!?

The counting process for the mayor of the municipality of Tirana ended after 125 ballot boxes, which had contested ballot papers. After 6 days of work, the Central Election...
The counting process for the mayor of the municipality of Tirana ended after 125 ballot boxes, which had contested ballot papers. After 6 days of work, the Central Election Commission (CEC) concluded a process which stimulated protests, debates and controversy.
by Vedat Xhymshiti, Monday, May 23, 2011 – Tirana, Albania

The last 12 ballot boxes were counted on Sunday, May 22; they belonged to ZEC no. 49, or to municipal unit no. 5 in Tirana. From the preliminary counting process made by the media, the counting of 125 ballot boxes provided 173 ballot papers in favor of Lulzim Basha and 83 ballot papers in favor of Edi Rama, by creating in this way a difference of 90 votes in favor of the Democratic Party’s candidate.
The ballot boxes with the contested ballot papers had even ballot papers for the head of the municipal units and the municipal councils. The counting process in CEC was accompanied by objections from the members and the representatives of the Socialist Party and other parties in opposition. 
It is expected that the result for municipal unit no. 5 will be adopted on Monday, May 23. Later, they will calculate the result for the new Mayor of Tirana.
I high ranking diplomat source, told BPA, that “I would not mind that the CEC (Central Elections Commission) will declare internal Minister of the Republic of Albania Lulzim Basha as mayor of Tirana”. But, it would not be something very likely for the country, the source told BPA, since Albania’s Socialist opposition is already being prepared to respond with an anti-government revolution.
As according to Socialists “this government don’t know when enough is enough, they steal our June 2009 national elections, lately by stealing they want to take also our capital” a socialist supporter told BPA.
The revolutionaries of the opposition and its supporters, who came from different parts of the country, started again on Monday, May 23, morning. As in the previous days, deputies of the Socialist Party (SP) gave short speeches before the supporters of the “Alliance for the Future”.
Their speeches focused on the infringements made by the Central Election Commission (CEC) for the opening of the ballot papers. The deputies asked the protection of the free vote.  The protest is continuing. There are no incidents or conflicts with the police forces till now, who has surrounded the premises of CEC.
However, if Albania will suffer the fate of the Middle Eastern countries or not, it seems that it’s up to the state Central election Commission of the Republic of Albania, which intentionally or not, seems to be controlled politically.
Political control results are in a political action, when a legal decision back than in favor of daily politics, the solution didn’t prove nothing but the political response, as according to Socialists it seems to be a wide popular antigovernment revolt, similar to January 21st, 2011 when four people lost their life’s, but maybe worse.
Whether Albania will be a smooth or rough place in the Western Balkans, all remains to be seen, following concrete statements of the CEC (Central election Commission).

Vudi Xhymshiti; is an independent journalist, editor and photographer. He is focusing on the issues of the domestic politics of Kosovo, Foreign Policy of the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union and the Middle East. Xhymshiti is also focused on the issues of the politics of race, gender, identity, migration as well as displacement of people due to climate change and armed conflicts. He has been published in various media including Der Spiegel, NY Times, TIME, Paris Match, Le Monde etc. Xhymshiti is also a print media critic and founder of THE Frontliner.

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