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Kosovo will keep its name during participation in regional and international initiatives, but underneath it there will be a footnote which will be agreed to in the next round...

Kosovo will keep its name during participation in regional and international initiatives, but underneath it there will be a footnote which will be agreed to in the next round of the dialogue with Serbia.
Pristina, KOSOVO – Wednesday, January 11, 2012 | by Vedat Xhymshiti
However, it is this footnote which has blocked the start of the coming round of dialogue, international sources revealed to daily Kosovo newspaper “Koha Ditore”.
The Kosovo Government, according to international sources, has agreed in principle that Kosovo be represented by its name and a footnote reading “there is no prejudgment of the stance of countries towards status”, but Serbia has not compromised. According to the same source, the Serbian side continues to insist that the footnote read “according to Resolution 1244”.
Kosovo refuses representation with 1244, even though there are Western countries who have requested it also. However, sources went on to say that a large number of countries who support the independence, lead by Germany, are supporting Kosovo’s refusal of 1244 and are pressuring Serbia to give up the resolution.
Therefore the date for the next round of dialogue, is yet unknown, the upcoming round of dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade is expected to take place sometime this month but the exact date of the meeting has not been set yet.
The next meeting is expected to focus on regional cooperation, telecommunications and energy. Dren Zeka, an advisor to Kosovo’s key negotiator Edita Tahiri, said the European Union facilitator Robert Cooper is making efforts to set up a date for the upcoming round.
“We anticipate that the date will be set very soon,” said Zeka.
Dispite the reports on the field, agreement on freedom of movement doesn’t function in Merdare crossing between Kosovo and Serbia.

A long line of citizens waiting to cross into Serbia at Merdare. Head of the Kosovo negotiating team Edita Tahiri as said citizens have not been allowed to enter Serbia with documents issued by the Republic of Kosovo. “I have been informed that Kosovo citizens equipped with Kosovo identification cards were unable to cross at the Merdare border point but everything is okay at the “Dheu i Bardhë” crossing.
Officials in Brussels have informed me that they are undergoing talks with Belgrade to resolve this problem,” said Tahiri.
At the same time, Brussels confirms that the EU facilitator in the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue, Robert Cooper, has spoken to Belgrade authorities who said they experienced problems with their computer network and electricity supply.
However Kosovo’s negotiation team chief Edita Tahiri, said that Kosovo citizens have ultimately been allowed to enter Serbia as a result of pressure by Brussels.

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