Thaçi’s declaration has no weight at all?

What is behind the project of “Kosovo’s sustainability” and what is the aim of the political declaration signed on Friday in Pristina? Leader of Self-Determination is not amongst those...

What is behind the project of “Kosovo’s sustainability” and what is the aim of the political declaration signed on Friday in Pristina?
Leader of Self-Determination is not amongst those who signed it, neither is the Deputy Prime Minister Slobodan Petrovic.
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| Tuesday, January 31, 2012 | The IndependenT NewsweeK |
Political declaration over the end of supervised independence, which was signed on Friday by Kosovo Prime Minister and majority of opposition leaders in Pristina, without Albin Kurti from Self-Determination movement and Deputy Prime Minister Slobodan Petrovic who attended the gathering, analysts and those familiar with the situation assess as a “performance for domestic use”.
Political declaration, according to Kosovo media, is made in two points. In first one leader express support and dedication in order to achieve expeditious, overall and successful progress in ending supervised independence. Readiness is also expressed for fulfilling pre-conditions, which refer to needed conditions and change of laws.
In second point Kosovo government is called to prepare and implement necessary constitutional and legal amendments in consultation with parliamentarian parties, representatives of the International Steering Group and International Civilian
In signed declaration, leaders expressed readiness to fulfill all obligations from Ahtisaari’s plan, which was named as prerequisite in order to reach the aim – end of supervised independence.
No one in Independent Liberal Party (SLS) was willing to comment on why declaration was not signed by Slobodan Petrovic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Self-Government who attended the meeting. Petrovic, who is in the same time and President of SLS, is at the moment “in official visit to USA”.
Rada Trajkovic, member of the Kosovo parliament from the ranks of “United Serbian List”, claims that declaration has no significant weight. She believes that project on self-sustainability of Kosovo – doesn’t exists at all.
Political analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu says that Prime Minister Thaçi wanted to “score something else” with this gathering. According to Spahiu, he gathered leaders of opposition, in order to create a gap amongst them. First of all Thaçi looks at Self- Determination movement as the biggest rival, along with Democratic League of Kosovo and Alliance for Future of Kosovo.
That was the essence behind his gathering with political leaders, where he invited them to sign the document, for which I believe has no particular significance”, explained Spahiu.
Spahiu said that Kosovo will not suffer any damage if representatives of international office leave because “Kosovo’s independence was so far supervised by USA and its Embassy in Pristina, and not Peter Feith and his office in Kosovo”.
“As long as US has affinity toward the region and Kosovo – Kosovo will be under control, thus it won’t afford itself any stupidities or undermining of the order, peace and political processes in Balkans. International office played more formal than essential role”, said Spahiu.
They both consented that lack of Petrovic’s signature on declaration is of “marketing nature”. Trajkovic say that it “is more a commercial becau
se Petrovic, after “United Serbian List” has made it in the Kosovo parliament has problems with the people, and now wants to prove that he is against Kosovo’s independence, what is actually not the case”.
Prime Minister Thaçi, according to her, offered him a chance “for amnesty, without signing it, while everything they agree upon will be implemented”, opined Trajkovic.
Spahiu believes that Petrovic only played a political game without signing the declaration. “He, actually, didn’t sign the independence, but with his participation in the government and Kosovo institutions, he actually recognized it. It should be understood that Serbian community in Kosovo has more trust in international community than Kosovo Albanians. It is understandable that he didn’t sign the declaration, although he is aware that main role there is played not by International Office, but more by American Embassy, where he enjoys strong support.“
Kosovo institutions will be ready to face the challenge till the end of the year, in order that International Steering Group could bring decision on erasing the prefix “supervised” in front of independence. Pristina is expected to permanently provide security for Serbian population, and Serbia is expected to refrain from meddling in Kosovo, assessed International Steering Group for Kosovo.

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