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In anticipation of the opening of investigation into human organ trafficking in Kosovo, initiated by Dick Marty, sources close to EULEX confirmed, that the dossier “Yellow House” contains reliable...

In anticipation of the opening of investigation into human organ trafficking in Kosovo, initiated by Dick Marty, sources close to EULEX confirmed, that the dossier “Yellow House” contains reliable information on human organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania.

Pristina, KOSOVO – Wednesday, February 8, 2012

However the evidence is controversial, because it is based on documentation that is forwarded to investigators by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution Office and it is based on the saved part of UNMIK documents.

“It is true that Dick Marty’s allegations are based on the testimony of former Prosecutor Carla del Ponte, but these are only allegations. What is required is collection of more reliable information and evidence about the involvement of former KLA leaders, led by the current Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and the “Drenica Group” in organs trafficking” said the source. Stating that the American, John Clint Williamson, Chief Prosecutor of EULEX team, in principle, know the details, because he worked at UNMIK immediately after the departure of UNMIK chief Bernard Kouchner.
Transport to Italy
“Information indicates that the KLA members led by Thaci, in 1999 kidnapped 300 Serb and other non-Albanians and transferred them to Albania. In Durres, in the “Yellow House”, the organs were harvested and then transported and sold in Italy and Western Europe” the source told to an Italian freelance journalist as well as ‘Pravda’ news agency confirms the source of news.
The EULEX claim that the part of the documentation files from the “Yellow House” is saved. Kouchner’s administration is responsible for destroying the evidence of the crimes committed during his presence in Kosovo. The evidence was deliberately, with Kouchner’s knowledge destroyed in 2005 by burning EU Premises in Dragodan area, in Pristina, UN police building in Peja, as well as  one room in the UN Headquarters (later Kosovo police building) in downtown Pristina – says the source.
American police officer
As the source further said, immediately after these sabotage, followed NATO Command order to suspend the investigation of organs trafficking. By this sabotage were destroyed documents which were made by several American officers, who in 1999 and 2000 were exclusively dealing with the issue of missing and kidnapped Serbs. One potential witness, a U.S. officer Tom McCarthy, according to the source, collected extensive evidence, but that was a reason to get a return ticket for United States, where he was soon retired.
EULEX spokeswoman Irina Gudeljevic repeatedly reiterated that EULEX has technical and human resources potentials to conduct investigation and that the organ trafficking in “Medicus” case should not be mixed with a case of “Yellow House”.
These are two separate cases. We invite all those who have any information on organ trafficking or Dick Marty’s allegations to submit it to us – she said, noting that the preliminary investigation is ongoing and that Williamson, in a few days, will officially launch an investigation.

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