The Kosovo Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi calls for responsibility, in case The so-called technical talks in Brussels have turned to political negotiations with Serbia. Pristina, KOSOVO – by Vedat Xhymshiti Tuesday,...

The Kosovo Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi calls for responsibility, in case The so-called technical talks in Brussels have turned to political negotiations with Serbia.
Pristina, KOSOVO – by Vedat Xhymshiti
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | The IndependenTNewsweeK |

Following the statement of the EU facilitator Robert Cooper, Krasniqi also admitted that now it appears that the talks were not purely technical. He stated that two resolutions, namely the UN General Assembly Resolution and the Kosovo Assembly One, clearly stipulate that the dialogue is focused only on technical and practical issues.
However, Krasniqi highlighted that if those resolutions have been neglected, then responsibility falls upon those who were not responsible. Mr. Krasniqi stated that nobody from the internationals has asked for discussions with Serbia on the north.
At the same time, Krasniqi called on Brussels and Washington to put pressure on Serbia to respect the agreements reached in the talks.
Opposition parties, on the other hand, believe that the idea of discussions with Serbia on north Kosovo is very dangerous. The opposition representatives criticized the government of lacking a proper plan for integration of north Kosovo.
Anyway, the Assembly Speaker and MPs still are not aware on what Kosovo and Serbia are discussing in Brussels.
The Head of Kosovo Assembly, Jakup Krasniqi, on Monday declared publicly that internationals are putting pressure on state institutions in Pristina and Belgrade in regards to the talks in Brussels. After the Assembly Presidency meeting, Krasniqi emphasized Brussels and the US are putting pressure on Kosovo institutions to conduct talks on technical and political issues, even though the resolution of the General Assembly labels the talks technical.
Krasniqi added that pressure should also be put on Belgrade to implement the agreements reached until now. In connection with the possibility of opening the issue of the north in talks with Serbia, Jakup Krasniqi warned that it would be in violation of Assembly decisions about the dialogue. He said the Government and Prime Minister Thaçi would bear responsibility.
But, seems like Krasniqi reaction will not pass away without attention of the internationals that already have begun to blackmail him but, not just Krasniqi, as well as Kosovo’s PM Thaçi is blackmailed by the internationals, which is being backed for a long time. To the story below, dear reader will get to understand its content
Pristina District Prosecution launches investigation against Sejdiu and Krasniqi
Pristina District Prosecutor’s Office has launched investigations against former Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu and his successor, acting President Jakup Krasniqi. Both of them, along with members of the ad hoc commissions for amnesty, are investigated of violating Law on Amnesty and the Constitution.
They amnestied those who were convicted of serious crimes, such as human trafficking, double murders, and raping. Composition of the ad hoc commissions established by the presidents was mostly political. In addition, one cannot rule out the possibility that they also got money as an exchange for the amnesties.
After the analysis conducted by the Justice Institute, the Pristina District Prosecutor’s Office is interested to investigate the cases. This was confirmed to KTV by Drita Hajdari, prosecutor.
No one is clean, but they remain to be free
It seems like no one is clean in Kosovo, especially in the ruling party leadership, when it comes to counter the harmful political processes of the country. They (politicians) are clear only when entering the procedure to be voted in the elections of the country, even strongly supported by Western ambassadors, lead by Americans.
One of politicians appears to be associated with the organized crime in the region and anyone else, has cheated the Swiss government for disability pension.
One year ago, Kosovo’s prime minister, Hashim Thaçi, has been identified as one of the “biggest fish” in organized crime in the country, according to western military intelligence reports leaked to British Daily ‘The Guardian’.
The NATO documents, which were marked as “Secret”, indicated that the US and other Western powers backing Kosovo’s government have had extensive knowledge of its criminal connections for several years.
They also identified other senior ruling politicians in Kosovo as having links to the Albanian mafia, stating that they exert considerable control over Thaçi, a former guerrilla leader.
The leaked classified information, marked as “USA KFOR”, provides detailed information about organized criminal networks in Kosovo based on reports compiled by Western intelligence agencies and informants.
The geographical spread of Kosovo’s criminal gangs is set out, alongside details of alleged familial and business links. The Council of Europe is expected to formally demand an investigation into claims that Thaçi was the head of a “mafia-like” network responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs during and after the 1998-99 Kosovo war.
Leaks also suggest there are ethnic Albanian Kosovo politicians that run illegal businesses in northern Kosovo, a territory that is increasingly becoming a crime den.

However, former guerilla leader Mr. Thaçi, remains the country’s prime minister, supported by the outgoing U.S. ambassador Christopher W. Dell, which according to critics in 2010, Mr. Dell joined the camp of political manipulators, vote thieves, and corruptors of the fragile political system. 

The U.S. ambassador throughout the year of 2011, has been characterized by the very opposite of what America symbolizes. A fact-files box that qualifies the U.S. ambassador to Pristina as the disappointment of the year according to Kosovo daily ‘Koha Ditore’.
More than 80 countries, including the United States and 22 of the EU’s 27 members, have recognized the state, which is the last to emerge from the remains of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. However Russia, Serbia’s old-time ally, has blocked a United Nations Security Council resolution on the country’s independence and emergence as a free state.

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