My rebuttal against a brainless American professor

Dear Sultan, I was unaware of your article until some Slavic nationalist pages published the whole text of it. For their nationalist agenda, they picked some passages up as to...

Dear Sultan,
I was unaware of your article until some Slavic nationalist pages published the whole text of it. For their nationalist agenda, they picked some passages up as to give a false impression in regard with Kosova and its independence. To be honest, your article was one of the worst I’ve read in my whole life. Well… I made an exaggeration here because I’ve seen worst article than yours. I would not be surprised at all if such warped view come up from a nationalist or fundamentalist. One may wonder how a respected professor like you ridicule his reputation by writing an article based on no facts. Almost every paragraph is merely a wishful thinking; being far away from the reality. 
Illyrian tombstone
Of course you have the right to write whatever you want – but if you think that you’re discovering the life on Mars by just giving a new interpretation of events, then you’re dead wrong. You have a slight knowledge on the history of Kosova and that of Albanians in general. According to mainstream of scholars, Albanians are the lineal descendants of the Illyrians – the oldest people in Balkans. The Slavs are later introducers and their arrival is documented to happen during VII century A.D. I shall cite some eminent historians:
“As far as ancient European peoples are concerned, the Albanians are the only racially pure relics of the Illyrians who settled in the Balkan Peninsula in the Stone Age; while the only pure relic of the Basques.” (Gordon Cooper, Dead cities and forgotten tribes, 1952).
“The Albanians are distinct from all other Balkan peoples, and are the ‘ oldest ‘ of them all: centuries ago they were driven into a mountain corner by tribes pressing from the East – much as the Basques were encompassed in Western.” (Bernard Newman, Tito’s Yugoslavia, 1952).
“Albanians-the largest non-Slavic ethnic group in the Balkans to predate the Slavic invasions of the Balkans-most likely originate from the Illyrians, the oldest known Balkan tribe.” (Jasminka Udovički, James Ridgeway, Burn this house: the making and unmaking of Yugoslavia) 
“The oldest and perhaps the quaintest of the Balkan people are the Albanians.” (Kathleen Mann, Peasant costume in Europe, 1968).
“The Albanians of Illyrian stock are the most ancient historic races of the Balkans. The Slavs are latecomers by migration and conquest”. (The Encyclopedia Americana: a library of universal knowledge, Volume 3, 1918, p. 85).
You owe to your readers just one rational explanation: how come that Albanians (apparently one of the oldest European people) are not native in Kosova, who both geographically and ethnically belonged to the Illyrian area? Let us continue further. 
The military intervention of NATO (with the orders of USA) was followed up by the removal of Serbian army from the territory of Kosova. After that, Kosova became under U.N protectorate based on Resolution 1244, which has nothing to do with the will of majority of Kosova’s population. Albanians – who make up the majority (95%) – fought continuously for self-determination. The Serbian army occupied Kosova since 1913. This occupation lasted for more than 90 years – a tough period because it was characterized by the harsh policies of Serbian nationalism that aimed the cleansing of Kosova from the Albanians. During that time, Serbia (like Israel) brought up thousands of Serbian colons from its northern and western regions (Vojvodina, Bosnia, etc).
Following the First World War down to 1999, thousands of Albanians were expelled from their ancestral lands. Well, I am not here to give a timeline of events in Kosova because you are supposed to know these things. You simply ignore the obvious thing and put forward some groundless claims. One does not whether to laugh or to cry with your evident ignorance when you stated that more than 2.000 people died in the fighting.   The war in Kosova lasted more than 2 years, while according to all impartial sources were killed 12.000 innocent people, 20.000 women were raped, 120.000 houses were either burned, desecrated or sacked. You make no mention about 900.000 Albanians who were expelled from their homes. You purposefully ignore these eve
nts because they do refute your blatant claims. How wise of you?!
What is more blatant in your article is the claim about Serbians being expelled. Most of Serbs stayed within Kosova, so your claim has no legs to stand on. I am so sorry for that. I know that you would like more to be expelled every Serbian from Kosova as to suit your article. But the plain truth is that most of Serbs in Kosova are accepting the independence of Kosova and participate on its institutions, even though Belgrade has instructed them to not accept Kosova’s institutions. Following the end of war until now, thousands of Serbs returned into their villages and maintains an excellent co-existence with their Albanian neighbors. Again this fact discount every claim that Serbs are not welcomed in Kosova. Your claim that Jews were expelled from Kosova truly deserves to be the quote of century. How can you be so dense (I mean no offence) as to invent things out of nothing? Was any Jew living in Kosova at 1990’s? Go figure out to every relevant statistic and you will find not a single Jew in Kosova because most of them have migrated in Israel during Communist period. I would not be astonished if your next article will say that Albanians expelled Jews, thus alerting for ‘Anti-Semitism’ of Albanians (sic!).
In your notorious article you have claim that KLA has long been implicated in heroin trafficking to raise its funds for the cause and blla-blla. If you had a drop of seriousness, you would back your claim up with evidences and facts. But you did not because you do not possess any reliable evidence. Even weirder is that you take for granted the ridicule rumors for allegedly trafficking in human organs. Wow! One may wonder where the f*** KLA got the technology for transplanting human organs, while it’s obviously known that such a technology is extremely expensive.
European experts have carefully examined these doubts, but they did not find anything to provide that trafficking of human organs did really happen. If you have any proof, pray tell man!!!  Maybe you will award any prize (just joking)!!!! Last but not least, next time you manage to write any article like that, please back up your claims if you want to maintain some credibility to your readers. I know you may deceive your readers as long as they are completely ignorant on Balkans matters. But as Abraham Lincoln once said: You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!
All the best
Salih Mehmeti, Albanian freelance radio journalist.

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