Albanian weapons in Congo

In this November 21, 2012 photo Congolese citizens look at tank shells lying next to the roadside, left behind by retreating government troops as they fled an assault by M23...

In this November 21, 2012 photo Congolese citizens look

at tank shells lying next to the roadside, left behind by
retreating government troops as they fled an assault
by M23 rebels, in eastern Congo. © AP 

A rebel group seeking to overthrow the Congolese government on Thursday turned its focus on the strategic eastern town of Bukavu, which would mark the biggest gain in rebel territory in nearly a decade if it were to fall.
The fighters believed to be backed by neighbouring Rwanda already have seized the provincial capital of Goma this week and later took the nearby town of Sake on Wednesday. The violence has forced more than 100,000 people to flee, more than half of whom are children, according to the U.N. children’s agency.

The Invasion of Goma city in eastern Congo by rebels documented a scandal involving the Albanian government in the bloody conflict. M23 Army rebels, seized weapons left behind by the Congolese army.
Reuters news agency journalists revealed recorded footage, which document that Congolese army, are using Albanian arms. These are heavy Mortar 120 mm that have emerged from the Albanian Army reserves and have ended up in the hands of the Congolese army.
A soldier shows rebel forces crates of mortar shells on which stamped letters are in Albanian language.
According to all proves, seems like Albania supply a long term bloody conflict in the Republic of Congo at a time to this country arms embargo is a measure to limit the possibility of the continuation of the conflict. But the Albanian weapons that are used in the measure in the Congo’s conflict have sprung this embargo.
120 mm shells are in very large amounts in the deposits of the Albanian Army. For them is set to dismantle and this thing was held up until the 2008 Gerdec explosion, and continued later in military facilities throughout the country in Gramsh, Poliçan and Skrapar and several military ranges set by the government.
A chain of massive explosions at an ammunition depot in Gerdec over the weekend of March 17, 2008, killed 26 people and left behind over 300 injured near the Tirana capital of Albania. According to subsequent investigations, a privately managed ammo dismantling process was on going in the area.
A few months ago, the Albanian Assembly held a fierce debate, as deputy Erion Brace; accused the Ministry of Defense was making weapons traffic causing a colossal amount Serbian company in Montenegro. With renewed conflict in the Congo, the republic president has a known name, Laurent Kabila scene emerged Albanian weapons that are causing casualties and feed a bloody conflict in the troubled African country.
There have been reports and attempts to argue that the Albanian government officials resettled internally involved in the weapons supply current to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Seniors of the Albanian government have also faced charges of selling NATO’s classified information in the interest of the Russian government.
Albania is in the month of November 2012, when one hundred years ago in 1912 were the years of Albanian successful efforts to declare the country’s independence. On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 – Albania marks the 100th anniversary of the declaration of its independence.

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