Kosovo political game and U.S Madam Ambassador’s fashionable public outcry

Kosovo police used pepper spray and batons to disperse a crowd of several hundred hardliner opposition supporters who tried to stop lawmakers from holding a vote in support of...
Kosovo police used pepper spray and batons to disperse a crowd of several hundred hardliner opposition supporters who tried to stop lawmakers from holding a vote in support of a deal with Serbia on Thursday, June 27, 2013. However, supporters of ‘Vetendosje’ political party in Pristina who opposed Kosovo’s negotiation with Serbia including Ahtisaari’s plan on which bases Kosovo is already recognized by now 101 states, used teargas canisters, stones as well as liquid color with aim to disperse Kosovo Police in riot gear.
Authorities in Pristina confirmed they detained over sixty protestors and they claim that their police members were exposed to several light injuries something which was pretty obvious, but I hope they were told clearly they were not about to go in a wedding party, but to a protest facing angry people who stand united for their political cause for the country.
US Ambassador ©Tracy Jacobson
U.S Embassy representative body in Pristina reportedly was under attack exactly as it is shown in this video footage. The American diplomatic body based in Pristina is well known for political interferences in Kosovo’s internal and foreign policies (of course anyone would be angry against such actions). Kosovo is under the rule of a Madam president whose name popped out of an envelope which was brought by the former U.S ambassador to Pristina Christopher Dell, as this gentlemen is also well known on his ‘duty’ of attempt to violate the freedom of expression as well as the freedom of press in Kosovo.
But, comparing to former “US King” Mr. Dell, now the fashionable “Queen” Mrs. Jacobson we witnessed some tremendous failure and diplomatic position abuse of the US diplomatic representative in this country.
Considering the fact that the demonstration was announced at least two days in advance, it was pretty obvious that all the entrances of the Kosovo’s assembly would be facing a lockout attempt in a deliberate aim to prevent the ratification process of Pristina-Belgrade agreement. The host body (Kosovo’s government) obviously failed to manage the security protocol for its guest such as foreign diplomatic body in its capital city.
Witnessing and knowing the fact that US. Government spent millions of dollars for the safety of their diplomatic body; we also witness another scandalous failure of its security protocol.
So Mrs. Jacobson instead of shoting her-self a ‘fashion style’ picture of her wound which appeared to be on her arm and accusing protestors causing it, well let me tell you what; this video prove that she (Madam Ambassador) was smashed in the bars of the Kosovo’s government building by her bodyguards and Kosovo Police officers. So I believe she should think and recall her security protocol to respond for their failure responsibility to secure her. And excuse me; why she under-estimated her self and her prestige to be smuggled from the back of the government; this I cannot understand!
However, if Mrs. Ambassador is willing to play “Tom & Jerry” famous political game in Kosovo, then we completely understand her. But please Dear Mrs. Jacobson we do own that level of intelligence to understand and realize some “kissy political games”; guess what? we are living in an organized crime, poverty and mafia network political system. We are starving we are suffering this situation, so of course we do understand such “sissy” things.
So at the name of freedom of expression I would kindly ask you to just enjoy your job, which is your duty to represent US citizens in an honest way. Thanks for all the show, if your aim was to become cover page and the front-page news of the press, you made it; enjoy your fashionable FAME 😉

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