President Obama you are a Liar! Liar! Liar!

So Mr. President, You are looking to bomb Syria because of an alleged Chemical attack? Why for two years did the United States and the World stood silent as...

So Mr. President, You are looking to bomb Syria because of an alleged Chemical attack? Why for two years did the United States and the World stood silent as the civil war unfolded in Syria? When over one-hundred-thousands casualties, woman and children, victims of bombings, shootings, executions, decapitations and now fourteen-hundred out of over one-hundred-thousands are believed to be victims of the chemical weapons, and now you think you can sell us the story of ‘Human Cause’ that now the world need to engage?

Mr. President why killing with the chemical weapons is more worse then in another way or otherwise as you name it ‘convincible weapons’? Why is it easier and less concerning for you and your so called “International Community” to kill civilians with knifes and other ‘cold weapons’ tools, shooting and bombing rather then with chemical weapons? Why your red line doesn’t start with killing indiscriminately civilians, mass murder and such…?!
>>I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line, Congress set the red line, when it ratifies that true, my credibility is not on the line. The international community’s credibility is on the red line<< US President Barack Obama (Wednesday Sept 4th, 2013)

That’s just not true, it is another false of your narratives.

>>A red line for us is, we start saying, a whole bunch of chemical weapons are moving around. That would change my calculus, that would change my cohesion<< US President Barack Obama (August 20th, 2012).

A lie is a lie, you said it the world heard it, Syria heard you say it. And by the way you draw the red line when everyone knows that your red lines are the green lines. But, hey you are right; your credibility is not on the line Mr. President. With all due respect Mr. President you have no credibility. As to have it, you must be clear and constant. Your actions must be swift and certain. And now you want to hide your ass behind the Congress, so you can blame them for your in-action, or as you said ‘maybe we will go in anyway’.

What’s that all about Mr. President? You are making Americans ‘a war willing nation’. And if you are so much concerned about the killing of children, will you guarantee that the thousands-pound Tomahawk missiles that you are so much willing to launch in Syria will not kill children? Or, they are simply your collateral damage? Will the murders of those children be less significant then those you are willing to revenge against? Tell us, did you think about those casualties, or it is so much about the politics that is so much about you? Are you so much willing to be yet another US president that earns the fame out of a bloody war? Do you really believe that this man that has taken away the lives of more then one-hundred-thausands of people he is afraid of you? You should have had act long-long time ago, but you didn’t. It tells us who are you working for and that’s the Military Industrial Complex, that are so much willing to test how much more people you can kill, by using Weapons of Mass Destructions as you did in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Saigon.

As you, me and the whole world knows that tragically, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese victims are denied compensation because the US government and its military want no limits placed on their arsenal of weapons, and few restrictions on their methods of interrogation and torture. Your former administrations and the one you are leading now are also deeply anxious to guarantee that international justice is confined to putting developing nations and other weak regimes in the dock – Rwanda, Sierra Leone ect….

Your government’s refusal to sign up to the international criminal court has ensured that you and your bunch of corporations are beyond the reach of international law. This gives us a lesson, that your words and public outcry for the humanity is senseless at all. You are the evil with the human face.

Your words, and stand-ups make no sense, it make you the most unreliable individual in the planet earth for humanity, but you still can do something about it, about what concern us all. If you are still standing for the human cause, you must act by putting boots on the ground. Keep away your deleterious weapons such as USS Nimitz carrier and any Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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