Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, in his presentation to the media, while speaking to the confirmation response whether  would accept the U.S. offer of Syria’s chemical weapons disposal program...

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, in his presentation to the media, while speaking to the confirmation response whether  would accept the U.S. offer of Syria’s chemical weapons disposal program during a press conference statement of afternoon November 15th, 2013 says: “Yes, in principle, we are willing to support this operation as a support base in the Mediterranean, but we have no internal capacity to participate in such operations directly. Therefore, everything related to transportation, technology, expertise is required to be taken on by the United States and other countries”. These are the basic substantive highlights that Prime Minister Rama confirms the positive response to the American offer to use the Albanian territory for the procedure of Syrian chemical program disposal, a statement that was interpreted as a rejection from national and foreign press. (Edi Rama, ALB Prime Minister Speech ©A1REPORT)

Albanian PM Edi Rama, during his Speech Conference on November 15th, 2013 in Tirana.

Albanian PM Edi Rama, during his Speech Conference on November 15th, 2013 in Tirana.

Further, Mr.. Rama in his statement tries to force the Albanian people to accept whatever is offered by U.S, describing the offer as something that serves humanity, I do not understand whether the prime minister Rama treats his people as people in this case, when referring to such an offer which seriously endangers the physical health of the Albanian people and the region, as it is known already that chemical remaining after the destruction are hardly manageable.

“Can you imagine that the United States had entered this effort to remove weapons from the hands of a murderer, and then to commit a mass murder to Albania with them, or any other ally involved in this effort?” Rama says.

Yes Mr. Rama, we do not want to believe that the U.S. want to engage in a deliberate mass murder against the Albanian people as you mention but, it can happen if any incident may occur during the process, as the fact that independent experts say that the waste of this kind of weapons what Syria possesses are unmanageable, this gives us serious reasons to be concerned and firmly deny such a process which aims to be implemented within the Albanian territory. I likely remember to you Mr.. Rama that U.S. experts were involved in the events of the incident, that occurred in the tragedy of Gerdec, when a deadly explosion on March 15, 2008 ripped through a former army barracks where old munitions were being stored, the blast as we all know claimed 26 lives of Albanian citizens.

Albanian PM further during his speech sink in insulting the opposition party which is not any better anyway, as during the governance in Albania we all witnessed the tragedy of Gerdec and Italy’s waste import on Albanian territory. Even Mr.. Rama seriously offends Albanian human intelligence and professional capacities calling them ignorant, as well as deeply insulted media outlets. It seems that Mr.. Rama is in a serious embarrassment, apparently because his contract with the U.S. Ambassador in Tirana, Mr.. Arvizu is more valuable than the contract, which brought him on power after Albanian citizens voted him on June 23, US anyway is well known for ‘underground’ fully political control over the Albanian politicians in the region.

(Minute 11:00) “This dear friends, is a complicated operation, as civil as well as military. And as such its preparations cannot be subject to public debate”, PM Rama said confirming that, every operation would and is going to be committed secretly, without telling anyone, so with ZERO transparency. Other than that, PM Rama again confirms the involvement of Albanian territory as a laboratory where Syria’s chemical weapons program will be disposed in Albanian soil.

“It does not happen in the serious countries, where the government, the public and the parliament convened to debate when there is already an operational plan, but not during the design of the operational plan”. In this context PM Rama confirms that the Republic of Albania is not part of the designing program for the operational plan, of course it must be so, even as Mr.. Rama says at the beginning of his speech that Albania has no internal capacity to carry on such operation, but this operation will be done by the parties involved in the process of disarmament of the Arab Republic of Syria’s chemical program which has been confirmed in “between the lines” by the Prime Minister Rama, that Albanian soil will host such a secret operation.

Not only the PM Rama himself confirms the secrecy of this operation, additionally the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) says it is still confident it can eradicate Syria’s 1,300-ton arsenal outside the country by the middle of next year. But the interpreted refusal from Albania leaves open the question of where that will happen, well Albanian PM didn’t firmly and clearly said that Albanian soil will not be used for such operations, he just reaffirmed that Albania does not have such capacities and confirmed that such operations remain secret as he stated that it is a complicated one and it cannot be subject to a public debate.

Prime Minister Rama speaks for 31 bases where chemical remaining still kill slowly Albanian citizens, as he reaffirms independent international experts as they (among them US Expert Dan Kaszeta and Albanian one Pellumb Zaimi) explained the human scale of chemical waste from the destruction of Syria’s chemical program saying they are difficult to be managed in the aftermath of disposal.

The disposal of the Assad’s Chemical program is refused by the European countries and Americans themselves, none of them want their territories to be poisoned even Syria itself which already has its plants in the state, as for carrying out such operations the possession of special plants is needed, something that is obvious that Syria has, but of course the Syrians are aware of the consequences and they do not allow the aforementioned operation to take place over their territory.

“USA is not requiring anything from Albania, except for a foothold on the ground, a military base, completely isolated at their disposal, where objects come, destroyed and leave to be burned and buried elsewhere, with their bodies, with their experts, with their technology, and all their work. Outside Albania”. Within these rows Mr. Rama firmly confirms the positive response in favor of the offer, which is an outcome of the Russian-American agreement that aims to disarm Syria from its chemical arms program. But, he gives no guarantee what will happen to the waste of chemicals air and soil on the ground as a result of annihilation, for which even the Americans have said they are unmanageable, so I have to repeat it once again for the reader that U. S. A and other European countries such as Norway, Belgium and Netherlands have rejected such an offer, because the remnants are unmanageable and as such are serious threat to the human physical health.

However it is very interesting that Mr. Rama during his speech named the protestors as anti-Americanisms as well as democracy. Excuse me Mr. Rama but the protests cannot be democratic at the same time and anti-Americanism as you claimed. With such claims you show us that you are a bad imitator of your ancestor former PM. Sali Berisha, even if the biggest American intellectual Noam Chomsky, would hear your such statement, he would tell you that you’re nothing but a rented thug from the U.S. ambassador in Tirana Alexander Arvizu, who blackmailed you easily through the media, as he openly pressured to you stating that an ‘NO’ answer by the Albanian government would be a big disappointment for America. What is your contract with ambassador Arvizu Mr. Rama? Did you forget the June 23rd contract so soon? Just for your information, I likely remember to, you, have a legal obligation to the sovereign of Albania only Mr. Rama.

The 29 minute speech Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama ends with the words “Albania is not able to be included in this operation, thank you,” Well Mr. Rama re- confirms what he said earlier quote: “Yes, in principle, we are willing to support this operation as a supporting point in the Mediterranean, but have no internal capacity to participate directly in” by not explained to the public that his decision was “Yes” or “No”. Or it was an “YNO”? ! ! !

I can firmly confirm that this is a diplomatic yes to the American offer, order either request, name it as you like, I fear that Albania has said ‘YES’ to the use of its soil as a laboratory where it will proceed the disposal procedure of Syria’s chemical program, the statement of the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, which seems not to be a disappointing as promised US ambassador Alexander Arvizu during his speech at the ‘TOP STORY’ TV SHOW in Tirana, clearly threatened and blackmailed the state’s policy and its PM by stating that a ‘NO’ answer would be the biggest disappointment. Therefore such unclear answer opens the big doubt that Albanian territory is likely to be used for the disposal of Syria’s chemical program, additionally the OPCW still didn’t made clear the whereabouts of the disposal program.

Vudi Xhymshiti; is an independent journalist, editor and photographer. He is focusing on the issues of the domestic politics of Kosovo, Foreign Policy of the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union and the Middle East. Xhymshiti is also focused on the issues of the politics of race, gender, identity, migration as well as displacement of people due to climate change and armed conflicts. He has been published in various media including Der Spiegel, NY Times, TIME, Paris Match, Le Monde etc. Xhymshiti is also a print media critic and founder of THE Frontliner.

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