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Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, who on the George Bush administration uses to serve as the Saudis Ambassador to the United States, was so close to the Bushes, so...
Bush and Bandar, in Texas at Bush's family home.

Bush and Bandar, in Texas at Bush’s family home.

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, who on the George Bush administration uses to serve as the Saudis Ambassador to the United States, was so close to the Bushes, so they considered him a member of the family. They even had a nickname for him, Bandar Bush. Two nights after the September 11, George Bush invited Bandar Bush, over to the White House, for a private dinner and a talk. Even though Bin Laden was a Saudi and Saudi money had funded Al-Qaeda and fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis. Bandar were the Saudi ambassador casually dining with the president on September 13th, 2001.

What were they talking about? Were they commiserating or comparing notes? Why would Bandar’s government block American investigators from talking to the relatives of the fifteen hijackers who were living and exercising their business issues in the United States of American soil (http://www.chron.com/sitemap/2055000-2060000.xml) Why would Saudi Arabia become reluctant to freeze the hijackers assets?

The two of Bushes (George and Bandar) walked out on the Truman Balcony of the White House, so the Bandar could smoke a cigar and have a drink. In the distance, across the Potomac, where the Pentagon partially in ruins. I wonder if Mr. Bush told Prince Bandar not to worry, because he already had a plan in motion.

“The president in a very intimidating way left me and my staff with the clear indication he wanted us to come back with the word that there was in Iraqi hand behind the 9/11 attack. Because they have been planning to do something about Iraq before they came into the office. He was clearly intimidating and stating; it was Iraq, Saddam find it out make something out of it and get back to me.

He didn’t even ask me about al-Qaeda his all concern was Iraq. Also the defense secretary of U.S. Donald Rumsfeld, when we talked about bombing the al-Qaeda infrastructure in Afghanistan, he said ‘there are no good targets in Afghanistan. Let’s bomb Iraq! And then we said but Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack.” this is the Richard Clarke testimony for the American public. Clarke is the former White House counter-terrorism official and author of a recent book blasting the Bush administration’s handling of intelligence leading up to the terrorist attacks.

The United States began bombing Afghanistan just four weeks after the 9/11. Mr. Bush said he was doing so because the Taliban government of Afghanistan had been harboring Bin Laden, stating ‘We will smoke them out of their holes’.

For all his tough talk, Bush didn’t really do too much as Clarke says on his book

But what they did was small and slow. They put only 11,000.00 troops into Afghanistan. There are more police here in Manhattan then there are U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Basically the president botched the response over the 9/11, he should have gone after Bin Laden. U.S. special forces didn’t gone into the area where the Bin Laden was for two months, and that was on purpose.

So, you see, a mass murdered who attacked the United States was given a two months head start. Who on the right mind would do that? Or was the war in Afghanistan about something else? Maybe the answer is in Houston Texas.

In 1997 while the George W. Bush was the governor of Texas, a delegation of Taliban leaders from Afghanistan flew to Houston, to meet with Unocal executives. To discuss the building of a pipeline through Afghanistan bringing natural gas from the Caspian Sea. And you would ask what is all this about, who got the Caspian Sea drilling contract the same day Unocal signed the pipeline deal, well it was ‘Halliburton’ company headed by a man named Dick Cheney the vice president of the U.S.A on the Bush’s administration. Also Bush’s number-one campaign contributor Kenneth Lay and the ‘good people of ENRON’ were among the benefiters of the pipeline bombing campaign in Afghanistan. And guess what, it was only the British press who covered this trip. 

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi, The Taliban Government Envoy to U.S State Department

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi, The Taliban Government Envoy to U.S State Department

Then in 2001, just five and a half months before 9/11, the Bush administration welcomed a Taliban envoy Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi, the Taliban Minister to tour the United States, to help improve the image of the Taliban government. Here is the Taliban official visiting U.S. state department, to meet with U.S. officials. But, the questions goes, why would the Bush administration allow a Taliban leader to visit the United States, knowing that it was the Taliban government were harboring the man who bombed the U.S. Cole in 2000 as well as U.S. embassies across Africa? Seems like the 9/11 put a stop to the Taliban government.

When the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was complete, Bush’s administration installed its new president, Hamid Karzai. Who was Hamid Karzai? He was a former adviser to UNOCAL. Bush also appointed U.S envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad another former UNOCAL adviser. With all this, Afghanistan signed an agreement with its neighboring countries to build a pipeline carrying natural gas from the Caspian Sea, after all this, Bush’s administration forgot about Taliban, as well as for Osama bin Ladens and its al-Qaeda.

For the forgotten terrorist Mr. Bush says: “Terror is bigger then one person, Bin Laden now is just a person who has been marginalized, I don’t know, I don’t really know where he is now. I just don’t spend much time on him now”.

Didn’t spend much time? What kind of president was Mr. Bush? “I am a war president, I make decisions here in the Oval office in foreign policy matters with war on my mind” he told C-SPAN broadcaster.

With the war in Afghanistan that went over and the forgotten Bin Laden, the war president of the United States of America, had a new target: The American People.

Let’s read what the American News Broadcasters reported on the Bush’s administration statements:

»We’ve got an unusual terror warning from the feds to tell you about. Fox News has obtained an FBI bulletin that warns terrorists could use pen guns, like in James Bond movies filled with poison« ©FOX NEWS

»A possible terror threat to the American People as bad as or worse then the 9/11« To make far more ridiculous US broadcasters started showing the animals across the United States soil making commentaries such as: »Could this poor cow be a target for the terrorists?« ©CNN

Guess, what it was the Bush’s administration that turned into a terrorist of the United States People, by terrorizing them with a terrible propaganda that could anyone ever imagine.

 US Psychiatrist Jim McDermott who is also member of U.S. Congress tells us more. »The fear works, yes. You can make people do anything if they are afraid. And you make them afraid by creating an aura of endless threat. Bush administration was giving so many mixed messages so they could make the people go crazy about that.

I remember when Bush in a public meeting stated saying ‘The world is changed after the eleven September, it is changed because we are no longer safe.’ Also U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated in the congress ‘We have entered what may prove to be the most dangerous security environment the world’s known.’

Also Dick Cheney the vice president on the Bush’s administration kept saying things such as ‘Terrorists are doing everything they can to gain even deadlier means of striking us.’ So as you can see, it is like training a dog, and then Bush went again in the press saying ‘we must stop, I call all upon nations to do everything they can.’

So this was clearly to fear and terrorize American people, make them feel that we are no longer strong enough to fight terrorism so we need help from the nations across the world. Excuse me, why would other nations get involved with the 9/11 case, it was the US government who was spreading terror and mass murdering in the middle east anyhow. They will continue to terrorize American time to time, you know, just in case you forgot to be afraid, they will remember to them, they will make up something, they usually do so« ends Congressman McDermott.

Hundreds of thousands of American die everyday across the world, not from the natural disease, but from the bullets of the US Corporation enemies that make American people look like a hostile nation. Well, George, Dick, Donald and the rest of his Afghanistan style wartime presidency are still free out there. Every 7-second a house is getting foreclosed in the American soil, this is thanks to the banking mortgage system that has thrown American people into a homeless and hopeless future. A bright future has yet to come, but that will never happen without a social upraise for the justice.

Vudi Xhymshiti; is an independent journalist, editor and photographer. He is focusing on the issues of the domestic politics of Kosovo, Foreign Policy of the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union and the Middle East. Xhymshiti is also focused on the issues of the politics of race, gender, identity, migration as well as displacement of people due to climate change and armed conflicts. He has been published in various media including Der Spiegel, NY Times, TIME, Paris Match, Le Monde etc. Xhymshiti is also a print media critic and founder of THE Frontliner.

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