Western Military ››Coup d’état‹‹ against the FSA

Syrians began their peaceful uprising in March 2011, thus expressing their dissatisfaction with social and political injustices through protests. The government began to violently crush them, even using firearms...

AL_click_to_readSyrians began their peaceful uprising in March 2011, thus expressing their dissatisfaction with social and political injustices through protests. The government began to violently crush them, even using firearms against peaceful protestors. Syrians, determined and convinced that they had the right to demand their legitimate political and civil rights, armed themselves and began to oppose the government with the same language, with the muzzle of gun. Later we witnessed the interference of foreigners: westerners, Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah etc.

Western media reported that western governments have consistently stated that they are supporting the Syrian opposition with the military logistics as well as with the civil and intelligence information, therefore Syrians never confirmed such claims for support, which was only melted in words and letters by westerners. Conversely, Syrian government has received the promised support in shape of political and military logistics from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah.

The six months period I reported from Syrian territory involved in armed conflict, was quite different from what the Westerns claimed. Whatsoever, they reportedly committed a very light support to the FSA at the very beginning of the armed revolution.

In the aftermath, I witnessed while Syria’s rebellion armed groups otherwise known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was sliding into a systematic collapse, specially during the time the forces loyal to the Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad was intensifying their military actions in late July 2012.

In the picture appears the commander in chief of the Free Syrian Army Abdulqader al-Saleh, talking with team of German News Magazine 'Der Spiegel' in the town of Marea in northern Syria during June 2012. (Photo Vedat Xhymshiti/Der Spiegel)

In the picture appears the commander in chief of the Free Syrian Army Abdulqader al-Saleh, talking with team of German News Magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ in the town of Marea in northern Syria during June 2012. (Photo Vedat Xhymshiti/Der Spiegel)

During the intensification of the government military actions against rebel forces (FSA), Western messengers penetrated inside the conflict, thus urging Syrians to step into some very delicate compromises, otherwise, a deliberate attempt to blackmail the rebels, but they didn’t succeed.

They want us that after liberation from Assad to allow operation of Western corporations to exploit our natural resources. We certainly refused,” one Syrian rebel commander from the northern countryside Abdulqader al-Saleh told.

This will only exacerbate unemployment in the country, even worsen the extreme poverty and would cause a humanitarian catastrophe in the aftermath of the liberation,” Abu Mariam, an English language teacher ​​at the University of Aleppo said.

Mr. Mariam had created a liberation brigade along with his students, they were holding the line of the fighting in the ancient quarter of the northern restive city of Aleppo.


Syrian rebels who were teachers, students, farmers, shopkeepers, bakers, imams etc. experienced a takeover military “Coup d’état” staged by Westerners, which was supported by Turkey, as its requirements and interest was that the Syrian Kurds should be fought, the operating plan also gain support from the Albanian territories.

I think it is true the west didn’t care about the Syrian people, they refused to cooperate with FSA and then the Jihadi groups start to invade Syria as the Turkish play good role in this by assisting the Jihadi groups to enter inside Syria” said Abudlkader al-Dhon, the Syria’s Der Spiegel assignment journalist.

The Westerners created paramilitary factions outside Syria and imported them inside Syria using “Islamic radicalism” or otherwise, as they themselves say (foreign fighters), in the name of holy war, where many Albanians and other Europeans joined the mission. Turkey had allowed its territory to be used by the westerns for the paramilitary logistics of the ‘putschists’, as the western ‘Islamic paramilitary’ forces agreed to fight Kurdish rebels fighting in the territories covered by the armed rebellion.

Americans always lie. They never kept their words. Shame on them for supporting Assad’s regime,” Yasser al-Haji told me in a phone conversation.

Al-Haji is one of the top political activists of the Syrian armed rebellion. Before the conflict broke out, he worked for a government run newspaper in New York, reporting about the UN Security Council activities.

It all seems to have been well organized and well orchestrated from the west, while domestic and foreign intelligence services have been aware of the fact that all these operations were conducted, such as the process of indoctrination, religious politicization, as well as recruiting the young soldiers who were convinced that they were going to become soldiers as they say ‘Soldiers of Allah’, but in fact all they have fought is for corporations. What we have been witnessing is that this has been tolerated on purpose, which aimed to prevent the freedom operations of the FSA insurgents to whom Westerners have had intersected at every level.

The “Soldiers of Allah” began to fight the opposition, and committed crimes against humanity by indiscriminately killing the civilian population who were already terrorized by forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad.

The Western corporations were heading forward pretty quick, as the territories captured by of Syrian rebels were becoming their operative areas. The weapons were bought from Saudi Arabia while food products; clothing and medicaments were given by various state organizations and non-governmental humanitarian agencies.

Another humanitarian tragedy was unfolding in the Jordanian refugee camps where Saudis were sexually abusing Syrian refugees, and started using Syrian females for sex by sending them to ‘bordellos’ in order to serve as sex slaves to the politicians and diplomats, who are involved in the process of international diplomacy regarding Middle Eastern issues.

Many Syrians left the Jordanian refugee camps and went back to Syria under the rain of bombs, as there was no more safety in the camps. Nobody faced the justice for such human rights abuses; Jordan is one of key ally in Middle East for the US Corporations and its foreign policy. ››Rape and sham marriages: the fears of Syria’s women refugees‹‹

Those who fight in the name of the Lord (Allah) lived with all the military logistical needs. But these with or without their awareness constantly impede the Syrian people’s fight against tyranny, which left only their bones in unnamed blood and direction.

Some religious preachers who interpret religious rules are financially assigned by the Saudis as well as foreign corporations who pay them to do so. They say: “Syria’s war is holy war”. “Wherever a Muslim Brother is at risk, we must respond,” they reiterate.

When they’re asked about the Muslims in Chechnya, who have been fighting against the Russian regime since the last two decades, they claim that it is a holy war against the Russians but don’t ask their followers to go there. Why? Very simple: They are not paid for that. Palestinian Muslims ask the same question. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, fighting against the military regime, claims the same. Even the case of Central African Republic, which is witnessing a tragic escalation of sectarian fighting, begs the same question. Recently, the world witnessed footages of a Christian-Afrikaner allegedly eating meat of a dead Muslim Afrikaner.

I wonder why none of the preachers ever joined the ‘holy wars’. Certainly they will not, they have plenty of money to spend at home with their dearest family members, with their children. Hey! They earn pretty good money to indoctrinate young people. That is a well-paid job, Britons would say.

So, we have a similar situation in the area that in surface is thought to be religious holy war. And precisely in these situations some of the European religious preachers have not made ​​any call to their congregation to be involved, and this fact clearly shows how the young generation is badly manipulated by such orchestrations that are committed by criminal networks that use the Western governments and their intelligence mechanism.

Some of the religious preachers to grasp the victory of the political and civil freedoms in the Arab Republic of Syria, which process would be at the service of human interest, then the Syrians, and this course would be a deterrent for criminal networks that are owners of powerful international corporations who invest financially to disguise the purpose of the human rights and freedoms revolutions into a religious color to achieve their goals to exploit the Syrian natural resources. Be aware reports testified that there are only 85 people who are owners of a property, which constitutes the 46 % of the wealth of mankind on earth; this is just a crime in its own…

The War in Syria, where Albanians among other European comrades are participating, is a war in which they are manipulated and cheated badly. And all this thanks to the demagoguery of some of the dogmatic religious preachers who benefit financially in the name of religion, in the name of Lord (Allah).

It is evident that Westerners are precisely those who have declared as terrorist organizations all paramilitary factions colored with religious ideology in Syria and elsewhere. Meanwhile, vocally it is the Westerners who are supporting the Syrian opposition and asking for Assad’s departure from government.

If their positions in the merged letters and words of mouth were truth, certainly we would not have witnessed any religious paramilitary factions in Syria. Or if the Westerners would seriously support the rebels, they could have had eradicated al-Assad government more quickly. But, let’s say that religious paramilitary factions have “accidentally” erupted in Syria, and Westerns don’t really like them, and neither do the Syrian rebels. It means westerns should have had support the Syrian liberators, so they would surely defeat these factions. But, on the contrary, it is the Westerners whose clients are the religious ideological paramilitary group known as “Jabhat al-Nusra” (English: The Victory Front) who control the oil fields in eastern Syria Deir Ezzour. The said group is exporting tons of oil to Europe through Turkish and Iraqi territory. How? Western Corporations.

Then, just a few months before the paramilitary group with religious ideology from Iraq that reportedly enjoys close ties with Al-Qaeda; ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam), international coalition forces abandoned the Iraqi-Syria borderline. Well, this is not an accident. This borderline was left in the hands of the poorly equipped Iraqi police force. These are the developments that intentionally are not reported in significant media outlets. And how come al-Qaeda took control over Fallujah? This is a hotspot I can tell. Somebody has his finger in this dirt…

Here is another deadly important fact that cannot be denyed, in November 2013, a leading rebel commander from the Free Syrian Army announced his resignation, in the wake of infighting among rebel groups, battlefield setbacks and a lack of political support. Col. Abdel-Jabbar Ukaidi, the head of the Aleppo Revolutionary Military Council of the FSA, had harsh words for the international community and the Syrian opposition-in-exile for failing to offer sufficient support for the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Ukaidi has been one of the most prominent FSA commanders based inside Syria, leading rebel assaults in Aleppo and, most notably, personally showing up in Qusair earlier last summer in a failed bid to defend the central Syrian town against an offensive by regime troops and Hezbollah fighters. Ukaidi’s resignation comes amid a flurry of discussion and meetings in preparation for a proposed Geneva II peace conference, with the opposition National Coalition continuing to insist on guarantees for Assad’s departure from power, which conference anyhow is bringing nothing, the people in Syria, are keep living on the ledge of the death, and the life is surrounding them as the worse ever ghost which seems to be seen in their daily routine. However, Geneva Conference is an option that most rebel groups and civilian activists rejected.

Therefore, through these letters I urge my fellow humans; Albanians, Europeans and the rest across the globe, do not join the so-called religious wars, do not go to war out of your motherland, because there have always been dirty crooks and you may be asked to do things that probably you would not like to do… So please do let the Syrian people gain their freedom.

If you are upset over what we are living through and you believe that you’re able to really fight crime, then rise at home peacefully, with your fellow neighbors, students and co-workers and demand your legitimate rights for justice, for your right to free and quality education, for your right to free and proper healthcare, for your political and civil rights that are being violated by the local as well as foreign politicians.

Let’s call the human consciousness and seek accountability from politicians who steal our taxes. Let’s not remain silent about our human rights and freedoms. Let’s courteously join and stand together for human interest only, the rest will fall into place naturally and we will simply enjoy the freedoms of life that we deserve!

Vedat Xhymshiti is an independent journalist. He reports from countries involved in armed and peaceful rebellions from the Middle East and Africa.

Vudi Xhymshiti; is an independent journalist, editor and photographer. He is focusing on the issues of the domestic politics of Kosovo, Foreign Policy of the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union and the Middle East. Xhymshiti is also focused on the issues of the politics of race, gender, identity, migration as well as displacement of people due to climate change and armed conflicts. He has been published in various media including Der Spiegel, NY Times, TIME, Paris Match, Le Monde etc. Xhymshiti is also a print media critic and founder of THE Frontliner.

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