The World on the Ledge of the Totalitarian Tip-Top!

The mankind in the earth is heading toward a totalitarian world order authority, a military dictatorship, run by a tiny elite, who have all the power and make all...

The mankind in the earth is heading toward a totalitarian world order authority, a military dictatorship, run by a tiny elite, who have all the power and make all the rules, if they succeed there’ll be no were to run, no were to hide. Think about it! The whole notion of conspiracy has been so much ridiculed by the corporate media type that has been socially challenging just to consider it. And there’s always a reasonable sounding story to explain anyone incident on its own. I personally use to try to justify how the same people ended up with more money and more control; by thinking they must just be taking advantage of the situation, but not actually causing it. But after nearly fifteen years of putting issues facing facts and evidence together, I don’t believe that it is random. Do not trust me, take that information into consideration, and verify your self and you will find it out. All this written below, is possible to verify, and you will find it out. It is worth knowing who these people are, how these organizations operate, because they are taking away our jobs, our money, our proper education, our proper healthcare, our natural energy, our happiness, our future, our lives, we have the power enough to focus correctly and directly once we all understand what is really going on. The greatest prison we are all living is the fear of what the other human is thinking, aren’t we the same? We all eat, drink, sleep and dream, fuck and run, scream and yell, smile and cry walk and talk… They are criticizing Kim Yong-un, but they will be far worse, they are keeping him still in power, to keep us busy thinking of him, while the new world order dictatorship era of human global domination is on the making. Just now as you read this article, already in the united states soil, if the US government decide that any of us pose a threat to the government plan, they can legally arrest, kidnap, torture or assassinate without any need to ask the prosecutor or any judge. All they have to do is name us as a suspect in their so-called “War on Terror”. We are being watched more and more, just in 2010 there were 30 million surveillance cameras recording us in the US alone, every phone call and e-mail is collected on their database and it can be inspected at anytime. Our driving licenses and passports have a computer chip into the system to tract our every single move. And now hospitals are secretly implanting chips into every single patients (FDA approves computer chip for humans; under-the-skin ID chips move towards U.S. hospitals), so it was Procter & Gamble who developed these chips, And look, it is not our fault why we the humans didn’t understand yet the government scam and the banking elite, it is just our challenge, so let’s read this below, and share and question, check and verify.

»The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history‹‹ David Rockefeller, 1973. Just to remind you dear reader, that ‘social experiment’ killed at least 70 million Chinese people during “peacetime”.

The U.S., government has been caught over thirty times covertly experimenting with the chemicals on its own citizens, from soldiers, prisoners and native American reservations to entire towns and counties. ooo wait a minute, American native reservations?; if the last word sounded a bit of a strange Mr. reader, please check it up.

So, as we write, walk and talk, the global human fertility is plunging and I am not surprised, just imagine that it is 1932, and we are in Germany and if I told you that in the next decade millions of people would be exterminated, you would say impossible, no one would do such a thing. The depopulations today looks like toxic water and food, toxic vaccines, GMO foods, irradiation, Man-Made Pandemics, War, Chemtrails, pesticides ect.. I am convinced that we are not overstating the case, could we be wrong; perhaps, but what if we are not!?

Humanity is in a critical road of evolution; one road is leading toward tyranny and possible self-destruction. And the other one would lead us to a peaceful healthy civilization, based on honoring the rights and freedom on every single person on the planet. To set up this new direction, is up to you and me to clear up that road, the time has come to say enough there is another way. We believe that we have the knowledge; the sources to get the solutions and meet that challenge, read below, and turn it upside down!


John Pierpont Morgan ©THRIVE

John Pierpont Morgan ©THRIVE


JP Morgan who was a funder of Nikola Tesla’s energy project, burned down Tesla’s laboratory and stopped feeding his projects further, because Tesla was about to uncover the free energy source of supply for the whole mankind on earth. JP Morgan decided to burn his projects down and kill him, as the project of finding unlimited free of charge wireless energy supply for humanity was endangering JP’s monopoly business on wire energy supply. And not just that!

  • Physicist inventor Adam Trombly was inspired by Tesla’s work, he continued there where Tesla’s project was burned down. He invented a generator that would generate unlimited energy and it would go free of charge for the whole mankind in the earth. “This is not just a theory statement, this is literally truth. Every single place on earth suddenly has power, every single person on earth suddenly has power,” Trombly said.

 Trombley had been invited at the United Nations and the US Senate, to demonstrate one of his invented generators, but these events was undermined by the first Bush administration. Then the generator device itself invented from physicist Trombley was taken after a government raid at his laboratory.

  • In 1974, John Bedini, invented unlimited free energy supply generator. Later he was attacked at his lab and warned not to produce the devices. For his own safety he had to let it go.
  • Canadian John Hutchison, used Tesla’s theory to counter gravity, to make objects flow, his lab was raided and his equipment was taken by the government and police officials in 1978, 1989 and again in 2000.
  • Dr. Eugene Mallove was killed in 2004. Dr. Mallove is a scientist publisher, an engineer from MiT at Harvard University and editor at the ‘INFINITE ENERGY’ News Magazine, which covers both energy and technological developments.

The suppression of the UFO phenomenon is the same purpose of suppressing the so-called free energy supply inventors. Military Industrial Corporation is the main suppressor especially for possible witness of the UFO or extraterrestrial beings existence, because they will no longer feel powerful if they would admit the existence of the ET’s.

The discovery of the unlimited supply of free energy would mean Goodbye ExxonMobil; Goodbye Oil; Goodbye Coal and goodbye wire energy supply and this means goodbye to someone’s trillion dollar piggy bank, whose behind is only printed paper money but nothing else valuable and we are talking about corporations like ‘SHELL; EXXON; $; Goldman Sachs; BP- The British petroleum; CHASE and the Bank of America ect.

Dr. Brian O’Leary, former NSA astronaut, a Princeton Physics University professor, claims that there’s been dozens of students who has been constantly uncovering the unlimited free energy supply for the mankind in the earth, but they have been vanished he says. Though he testifies directly about students like Paramahamsa Tewari, Shiuji Inomata and Floyd (Sparky) Sweet ect.

››If the new unlimited free of charge energy supply would be allowed worldwide, it would effect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere, there would be no need to outcry and complain any longer, there would be obviously no more war and need to kill each other for some stupid dummy reasons, it would technically be a chance to save our species‹‹ Prof. Dr. O’Leary said.

Human dependency from oil, assure that the very few people in the earth can have very much and the very much people on the earth can have the very few benefits of our planet. They have enough printed money and influence to suppress anyone that may threaten their monopoly. So, who is behind the huge energy corporations?

The Rockefeller oil gas empire started in 1870, when John D. Rockefeller, found his “STANDARD Oil” and became America’s first billionaire, further he funded EXXON Mobil as well which is worldwide known as ‘Mobil’. Rockefeller controls our food as well. This was an invention idea that they would use every single core of the earth soil to produce enough food for everyone, but all they did was taking the land away from people, small family farms disappeared from the earth and nowadays they control the pesticides and the seeds, keeping the price high and unaffordable for the poor people, so they already earned the monopoly of food production as you can witness and verify it right away as you read this article, when the humanity reached the 2007, one in seven people of the earth did not have enough to eat and this is a big ‘Thank you!’ to Monsanto, which is one of the biggest agricultural corporation that was funded by ‘Standard Oil’ of the Rockefellers.

According to Vandana Shiva, a PhD Environmental Physicist, who told THE Frontliner in a short conversation that the giant corporations such as Monsanto told her about three instruments that were meant to be implemented in order to consolidate the food chain such as:

  1. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), as a way of control all the illness and mankind balance in the earth;
  2. Declaring all the possible seed anywhere in the earth to be private property with an exclusive right of the corporations. Treating the saving of seeds by the farmers as a crime, as a theft of intellectual property.
  3. Free Trade Treaty that would drop ordinary people, farmers growers,       (read The New York Times» THE FREE TRADE Accord; Niftier)

So obviously they design projects to impose highly deep dependence of the humanity on the hands of the corporations.

››Allowing the corporations to keep going with such projects, mean allowing them to create a new colonization, which I call it the colonization of the future‹‹ said Prof. Shiva.

 »Who controls the food supply, controls the people; who controls the energy, can control the whole continents; who controls the money, can control the world‹‹ Henry Kissinger, 1973.


It was the Rockefellers who created the National Education Association (NEA), with help from the Carnegie Foundation and later from the For Foundation. What the captains of industry wanted from our schools, was an obedient work force, who would be manageable employees and eager consumers.

»Schools are to establish fixed habits of the response to the authority. That’s why it takes twelve years for people to respond effectively to anyone in the position of the authority when he or she tells you what to do‹‹ says prof. John Gatto, The New York State Teacher of the Year, and author of ‘The Underground History of American Education.

Like Education, health is yet another area dominated by money and corporations. The Rockefellers, who use their funding to influence the AMA research and decision-making, largely fund the American Medical Association.

»Unfortunately the way that medical system is setup, the medical education is primarily funded by pharmaceutical companies, so there’s a motive to make and sell as many drugs as possible‹‹ says Prof. Deepak Chopra, M.D. Physician, and author of the book ‘Peace Is This Way’.

Side effects of the all-pharmaceutical industry products may cause amnesia, decreases the blood pressure, which can be serious, diarrhea, amnesia and sleepiness, which potentially lead to coma or death. How far may these forces go to make a profit? Would they actually suppress the cures of the deceases the way they suppressed the free energy supply inventors?

Dr. Raymond Royal Rife ©THRIVE

Dr. Raymond Royal Rife ©THRIVE

Sadly the research of the Thrive Movement has showed it a YES. The well-documented example among several others is the case of Dr. Royal (Raymond) Rife. In the 1920, Dr. Rife, invented the most advanced microscope of his time. He also invented a new technology he called ‘coordinative resonance’ which was able to destroy cancer tumors as well as any viruses that could potentially pose a threat to human body. In 1934 the clinical trials affiliated with the southeastern university of California, Rife’s treatment was tested on sixteen permanently ill cancer patients. Within three months they were all successfully cured.

Soon after his lab was burned down, through the affords of Morris Fishbein, head of the American journal of Medical Association, Royal Rife, was essentially shutdown and ruined. His brilliant and promising work, all but forgotten.

If people start to print the money, it is considered to be a crime, but if the banks do it, they claim it is for the bank supply.

So people are in a grave danger, from the governments, because they are above us, and they are people who are given a monopoly on force and use it to tax and control us, weather or not we agree. But, who controls them? It is corporations, what the otherwise are well known as the CORPORATOCRACY. And to make it happen, this corporatocracy must have access to cheat money. So the corporations get their loan to cheap rates from the banks. Which means the one who control the banks, or otherwise known as the money elite, ultimately controls the corporations.

So, here is how the banks make money out of our money and working force. When we go to the bank and ask for a loan of let’s say 50,000.00 $, GPB or €, what actually happens is they type into your account the 5,000.00, that’s all they do, they simply just change numbers into your account. They don’t bring any coin, they don’t print any money, they don’t move any precious metal anywhere, and they simply change the numbers into your account. From that moment, you start paying interest on money that does never, or does not and will never exist.

A research found out that the banks have had loaned money to the people over nine times more then they have on their reserve. This is possible because the central banks in every country are legally allowed to change numbers into the accounts of the banks. So let’s say you deposit €10,000.00 in a bank. The bank size it to 10%, or €1,000.00. And then loans out the rest of your money. The way it works is that; let’s say another person shows up at the bank and ask for a car loans of €9,000.00, so at this moment the bank loans out the €9,000.00 from your original deposit, so it isn’t there anymore. The borrower takes the money to buy the car, and it means he sends the money back to the bank by paying the bank interest through the money he took from the bank, that bank took them from you, because all the banks are part of the same central banking system anywhere.

So, this €9,000.00 will get deposited and re-deposited and re-loaned, until the initial deposit of €10,000.00 becomes the €100,000.00, so the banking system just created €90,000.00 by loaning out your money.

So this way of robbery begin with gold trades in the VII century, gold was heavy to carry around, so people stored the actual metal in vaults and traded receives instead. Those receives was the first paper money. So there were very few people that would withdraw their gold in short time, the vault-owners basically the new bankers began creating receives for more gold then usually they have. They loaned out the receives and charged interest on money, the gold that they didn’t have. So this is the system that the bankers makeup money out of nothing. While the rest of us have to work hard to earn it, and earn what; a change of the numbers into our accounts.

»It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning‹‹ Henry Ford, 1922.

»Central Banks are banking cartels, which have gone into partnership with the respective governments in the country they operate. And they have been given monopolistic power over the creation of the nations money supply. Now in return what the bankers do for the politicians, they promise to create money out of nothing. As they grant the legal power to do it, at anytime the government needs it. Prof. Edward Griffin, researcher.

Catherine Fitts, in the court.

Catherine Fitts, in the court.

»Let’s set up a game monopoly where I can continue to do is just print money, give my-self more money, lower the value of your money by printing more, no matter how hard working you are, or how successful you are, I can always end up buying you for free‹‹ Catherine Austin Fitts, a former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D) at the President George Bush senior, and then adviser to the Clinton administration told THE Frontliner.

There’s a private bank that prints money on behalf of the treasury of the United States, which is the Federal Reserve that prints money on a debt system which, but it puts a group of insiders in a position of having access of all the data of the economy, where the US governors don’t. So there’s a small group of bankers who have the data to know on how the money economy works, and it gives them the ability to print money in a way that the insiders are protected and everybody else is strained.

After Catherine Fitts, begin to expose US government corruption at the highest level, the FBI raided her company and seized its assets. She was dragged through the courts for ten years, before being found innocent.

Checking the facts provided by Mrs. Fitts, we understand that the US Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation that prints the money, behind it is only paper, it is a paper money but not gold. So this is a corporation with a ‘legalized’ monopoly on creating money but not accountability, backed up by a government with the monopoly on force.

The bank of America controlled by Rothschild’s; Citibank controlled by Rockefellers and the CHASE controlled by Morgan’s, were trading bad loans that they knew it would eventually fail. This brought into a situation, where the people lost their homes, their jobs, their businesses and their retirements, meanwhile the biggest banks who created the problems in the first place, were the ones who got bailed out from the US most corrupted government.

  • But, why did Obama bailed the banks, even though the majority of the Americans were against bailing them out;

  • Why not help those in need but the perpetrators of the financial collapse?

An independently verified research committed by Thrive Movement, found out that the same people who created the Federal Reserve: The Rothschild, The Rockefellers and the Morgan, still control it and they use the seam to bail them self out at the American pockets expense.

 »The banks are still the most powerful, lobby on Capitol Hill, and they, frankly, own the place‹‹ said US Senator, Dick Durbin at the WJJG Radio, on April 2009.

»Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws‹‹ Baron Mayor Amschel Rothschild.

IMF and WB Empire of Exploitations

At the international level, central bankers use the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, to make more money, while exploiting the resources of countries they land to. Bankrupting them in the process.

John Perkins ©Facebook

John Perkins ©Facebook

»We use many techniques, but most common is that we go into a country that has resources that corporations are interested in like oil, and we as IMF or World Bank, arrange a huge loan to that country, but almost all of the money goes to the US corporations and not to the country itself. So the money goes to the corporations like Bechtel, Halliburton, General Motors, and General Electrics these types of organizations and they build a huge infrastructure projects in that country, power plants, highways, industrial parks, things that serve the very rich and sell them even reach the poor. In fact the poor suffer because the loans have to be repaid. And they are huge loans and their repayments means that the poor ones will not get education, health and other social services and the country is left holding up a huge depth by intention. And we go back, we the economies hit man, we go and say: Look you own us a lot of money; you cannot repay your debt, so give us upon a flash.

So, as soon as those anti-American presidents goes and win the elections, we go and say, wow congratulations Mr. President, now that you are a president I just want to tell you that I can make you very-very rich, you and your family. You just keep several hundred million dollars in this pocket, if you play the game our way. If you decide not to, well in this other pocket I’ve got a gun with a bullet, with your name on it in case you decide to keep your pre-elections campaign promises and throw us out. So what you have to do is, sell us your oil companies, airports, electricity supply power plants with real cheap prices, vote with us on our next UN voting process, or send your troops to support our troops in some place in the world such as Iraq or Afghanistan and else where, and that is the way we managed to build an empire with very few people that actually know that we’ve done this‹‹ says John Perkins, author of the book ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ who was personally assigned to commit what he just told the world on his book, even though he was well paid for several years to shut the mouth about what he did. Mr. Perkins testifies that they killed president of Ecuador Jaime Roldos in 1981 two years after he was elected as the president, The Head of Panama Omar Torrijos in 1981,

So the central bank of central banks is the Rothschild created bank for international settlements. So the elite is focusing to control the access of everything we as humanity need to survive. No matter where you go in the world, the money is controlled by the banking system. So they decide:

  • If people eat or they don’t eat.
  • Who is a billionaire and who lives in less then one dollar a day.

Who control the money, controls the world and very few control the money.


Global Domination Agenda — GDA

What do they need to make it happen?

1) They need to control the money, and they do, controlling money, allows them to control everything else;

  • Money:
    • √ Central Banking System
    • √ Federal Reserve
    • √ IMF
    • √ World Bank

2) They need to control the energy and they do;

  • Energy:
    • √ Oil
    • √ Gas
    • √ Coal
    • √ Nuclear Energy
    • ? Free Energy

3) They already control big agriculture and world trade and they are buying up water supplies worldwide;

  • Food and Water:
    • √ Agribusiness
    • √ World Trade
    • √ Water Sources

4) They’ve got health on their pocket and they are trying to suppress natural alternatives;

  • Health:
    • √ Pharmaceuticals
    • √ Medical Schools
    • √ Research
    • ? Natural Alternatives

5) Meanwhile they have to control what information we get and how we’d react to it;

  • Information:
    • √ Compulsory Standardized Education
    • √ Media

 The Internet is the greatest tool for communication, and grassroots organizing, it is currently not controlled or censored, but its open status is being attacked from all sides (Senate Bill would give president emergency control of internet » No More passwords?) governments, corporations and the United Nations, are all attempting to take control (Google-Verizon Deal: The End of Internet as we Know it; Huffington Post): for complete domination dissent has to be controlled.

They need to take away our rights by putting big brother cameras everywhere, spy on ordinary citizens •Surveillance and track every aspect of our lives •RFID Chips (biometric GPS passports). So the big brother is not coming, he is here now, we are already in the matrix, how do we get out, here is an idea given by Thrive Movement and seriously supported by ‘THE Frontliner.

So the US based Federal Reserve is the highest corrupted independent agency,

US Federal Reserve

US Federal Reserve

So in two crucial area energy and food, the same elite’s banking families and corporations have taken control and the consequences have been devastating, understanding it helps understanding who and what is causing all the awful inhumane atrocities that are being conducted across the globe, people starving, indiscriminately killing each other, tortures and executions, decapitations and mass murdering from governments and non-government funded organizations, this all has to stop. People should stand for their own rights, they do have rights to arise for the right to know the truth, for the right to use instead of abuse the natural energy, the free fall of it.

However, the story doesn’t end here, please follow the money, verify independently and research yourself, for your own need and information, to know what and how is it all happening, and never surrender, never give up, always fight and stand for what’s humanitarian cause, across the globe, anywhere this is our home, our mother earth, it belongs to us and no one reserves the right to stop us walking on the earth, hugging and loving each other and taking and reproducing our unlimited free of charge energy supply, the energy of life, of food, of reproductions, of thinking, of knowledge, the energy of political and civil rights and the energy of love.


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