Kosovo Police Strike Actions Jailing Forty Suspected Islamic Militants

Forty Kosovars suspected of fighting in Iraq and Syria have been arrested by police in Kosovo, in an operation targeting Islamists of the extremist line. Up to 200 Kosovo...
©Kushtrim Ternava, Gazeta Express

Forty Kosovars suspected of fighting in Iraq and Syria have been arrested by police in Kosovo, in an operation targeting Islamists of the extremist line. Up to 200 Kosovo Albanians have traveled to the Middle East to fight and 16 of them have died, unverified reports say. Some of those held are suspected of involvement in Islamic State (IS) and Syria’s AL-Nusra Front, allegedly backed by the country’s government in Pristina, led by former Guerrilla commander and acting prime minister Hashim Thaçi, which is also suspected of war crimes against humanity during late ‘90s and has been identified as one of the ‘biggest fish’ in organised crime in the landlocked country of the Balkan Peninsula.

There are several hundred Kosovo-Albanian mercenaries who also fight among ‘Black Water’ US private Military Corporation, which is also suspected of heavy war crime involvement against humanity across the Middle Eastern desert, but no one ever talked about it.

Since breaking from the war with Serbia, Kosovo stands among Europe’s poorest countries with millionaire politicians immersed in crime. A third of the workforce is unemployed and corruption is rife. About two out of three under the age of 25 are currently jobless, and nearly 50% of Kosovo’s 1.8 million people are considered to be poor. 

Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008. It has been recognised by the US and many EU countries. Serbia rejects Kosovo’s independence, although the two sides normalised relations in 2013. NATO peacekeepers have been in Kosovo since 1999 and have failed to distribute their full mandate to provide a peaceful, safe and secure environment for everyone, especially in the country’s northern border that is immersed in violence and outlawed actions from the pro-Serbia’s separatist armed militants.

The 2011 NATO leaked files, which surprisingly were not reported in Kosovo press (at that time!), indicated that the United States and some of the other Western powers backing Kosovo’s government, have had extensive knowledge of its criminal connections for several years.

Two Ethnic Albanian Kosovars waving British and American Flags beyond the river of Mitrovica, Kosovo's troubled north bank. The Children express their love for the Western countries, but perhaps their plan 'Hornest Nest' took-away their freedom prosperous future — ©Vedat Xhymshiti, for THE Frontliner

Two Ethnic Albanian Kosovars waving British and American Flags beyond the river of Mitrovica, Kosovo’s troubled north bank. The Children express their love for the Western countries, but perhaps their plan ‘Hornest Nest’ took-away their freedom prosperous future — ©Vedat Xhymshiti, for THE Frontliner


The six month (2012) period I reported from Syrian territory, involved in armed rebellion, was quite different from what the Westerners claimed. Although they reportedly committed a very light support to the FSA at the very beginning of the armed revolution, former US state Secretary Hillary Clinton admitted that the US has failed to help Syrian armed farmers, teachers, engineers, and students to oust the dictatorial rule of re-elected president Bashar Al-Assad. Now in Syria everyone fights against everyone, the biggest price is being payed by the civilians, whose death toll reached over 140,000.00 casualties in a more then three year outraged civil war.

“The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad, there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle, the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said. As she writes in her memoir of her years in the State Department, Hard Choices, she was an inside-the-administration advocate of doing more to help the Syrian rebellion.

Clinton’s claim stands interesting by her point, but perhaps she resigned from the state department, among other reasons, due to the CIA plan “Hornest’s Nest”, and as it appears she may have not agreed with it. But apparently, since Obama’s administration is already involved in bombing ISIS positions in Iraq, it seems to be an invisible war between the CIA and the White House’s political rulers in Washington.

An American computer professional Edward Joseph Snowden, which is a former system administrator for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and a counterintelligence trainer at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who later went to work for the private intelligence contractor Dell inside a National Security Agency (NSA) outpost in Japan, came to international attention in June 2013 after disclosing to several media outlets thousands of classified documents that he acquired while working as an NSA contractor for Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton. Snowden’s release of NSA material was called the most significant leak in U.S. history by Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg.

Snowden revealed that the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, was trained in Israel, adding that the American CIA and the British Intelligence collaborated with the Israeli Mossad to create a terrorist organization that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “The Hornet’s Nest”.

The “Hornet’s nest’’ strategy aims to bring all the major threats to one place in order to track them, and mostly to shake the stability of the Arab countries. The NSA documents revealed that the ISIS “Caliph”, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi went through intense military training in the Israeli intelligence “Mossad”.

Moreover, the US media viewing the attention ‘across the river’ by classifying the NSA leaked files into a US, Israeli and UK plot to defend the middle one by calling it just a conspiracy theory and additionally, only quoting what the US long term enemy, the press of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is writing about it.

But, Syrians felt the hit on their bones of the worse civil war that humanity has seen in recent decades, when I spoke to Abudlkader al-Dhon, Syria’s freelance journalist who also files for Der Spiegel, he says “I think it is true the West didn’t care about the Syrian people, they refused to cooperate with FSA and then the Jihadi groups start to invade Syria, as the Turkish play a good role in this by assisting the Jihadi groups to enter inside Syria”.

I witnessed the footprints of foreign fighters entering the country under “Islamic radicalism” in the name of holy war, where many Albanians and other Europeans joined the mission. Turkey had allowed its territory to be used by Westerners for the paramilitary logistics which appears to be a Western backed “Coup D’état” against the Syrian people. Similar events occurred also during the Egyptian uprisings.

Turkey’s highlighted interests stand beside the agreement of the ‘Islamic paramilitary’ forces to fight Kurdish rebels, which findings suggest that ISIS is a Western backed military faction and is also leaked from NSA’s Snowden Files.

In Picture Kosovo Police and Suspected Albanian for Islamic Radicalism in Kosovo (Picture © EXpress)

In Picture Kosovo Police and Suspected Albanian for Islamic Radicalism in Kosovo (Picture © EXpress)


For the United States, Kosovo is a strategic country. It is Muslim, but only moderately so; it is near Russia and positioned in a corridor of the world laden with energy. It is the only Muslim country to have supported the American invasion of Iraq early in 2003. The highway “Pristina-Durrës” (on the Albanian border) signifies a potential military advantage for the Americans: the military base “Bondsteel” will certainly benefit from a direct access point to the Adriatic Sea, where Albania has already authorized the United States free port use.

The tough Kosovo-Albanian commander of ISIS Lavderim Muhaxheri, had previously worked for the US Military Camp in ‘Bondsteel’ from his hometown of Kaçanik bordering Macedonia, from which it takes only 30 minutes to drive and reach the largest American military base in Europe. Later he also worked for their mission in Afghanistan, and now he is a ‘celebrity’ breaking news character that brakes Kosovo’s fully controlled media headlines, who never questions who, how, when, why and where, once it involves Americans or the country’s government rulers, which appear to be deeply sunken in crime.

It appears that Kosovo’s domestic and foreign intelligence services have been aware of the fact that all these operations have been conducted, such as the process of indoctrination, religious politicization, as well as recruiting the young Kosovars who were convinced that they were going to become soldiers, as they say, ‘Soldiers of Allah’. What we have been witnessing, has been tolerated on purpose, and it clarifies that the country’s government in Kosovo is heavily involved and has been aware of it. So the reason why Pristina has joined, is most probably because they wanted to support the acts of Western military coup against Syrian stubborn FSA who just wanted to get rid of a regime instead of joining wider geo-political interests.

Pristina also supported Turkey’s fight against Kurds in Syria, which also figuratively served to demonise the Islamic religion in whose name recruitments are made, which subsequently reload the headlines as a threat from ‘Islamic radicalism’, adding fear and terror over the population, thereby distracting them from the attention of frauds, rife corruption, political and economic crimes perpetrated by the home administration in Pristina.

Several European countries are trying to stop people from volunteering for militant groups. European Union ambassadors meet on Tuesday to consider ways of countering the group’s advance in Iraq, AFP news agency reports.

Islamic State is one of the main jihadist rebel groups in Syria and is at the forefront of an insurgency against the Iraqi government led by Nouri Al-Maliki, which has ousted American troops and demanded greater political independence, but it seems Americans are not going away. Washington is suspected to be involved in ousting Al-Maliki, however the White House has denied the allegations.

The suspects arrested in Kosovo had either fought for or supported ISIS and Nusra Front, police said on Monday. “We confiscated long weapons including AK-47s, small calibre weapons, different electronic equipment, ammunition and explosives,” Police spokesperson is quoted to have told the press yesterday.

An estimated 60 raids were carried out across Kosovo. Among the sites targeted were makeshift mosques, which may have been used as recruiting centers, locations which suddenly happened to be in a country where the US has built its largest Military Base in Europe, Kosovo.

President Atifete Jahjaga said in a statement that Kosovo would “not be a shelter of extremism” and the Kosovo government said any threat against the state would be punished “without mercy”, but maybe she should double check her country’s authority involvement since the line of weapons smuggled inside the country are controlled by the groups linked with Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, according to NATO files.

Vudi Xhymshiti; is an independent journalist, editor and photographer. He is focusing on the issues of the domestic politics of Kosovo, Foreign Policy of the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union and the Middle East. Xhymshiti is also focused on the issues of the politics of race, gender, identity, migration as well as displacement of people due to climate change and armed conflicts. He has been published in various media including Der Spiegel, NY Times, TIME, Paris Match, Le Monde etc. Xhymshiti is also a print media critic and founder of THE Frontliner.

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