ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT was tried by the League of Nations before the second world war, but it could not succeed. It simply remained a debating club. The second world...

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT was tried by the League of Nations before the second world war, but it could not succeed. It simply remained a debating club. The second world war destroyed the very credibility of the League of Nations. But the necessity was still there; therefore they had to create the United Nations Organization, the U.N. But the U.N. is as much a failure as the League of Nations was. Again, it is still a debating club because it has no power. It cannot implement anything; it is just a formal discussion club.

To make it a success, the simple thing is to make it a World Government. All nations should surrender their armies, their arms, to the World Government. Certainly if there is only one government, neither armies are needed nor arms. With whom are you going to have a war?

Now each big country, each power, is loaded with nuclear weapons, so much so that if we want to, we can destroy seventy earths like this, right now. That much nuclear power is there, available; to destroy each person seventy times. We also have war-gases enough to kill the entire life on earth five thousand times. It is not needed, one time is enough – but politicians don’t want to take any chances. Their faces are all masks. They say one thing, they do another thing.

Politicians are basically, deep down, impotent – hence the urge to power.

They feel their weakness, inferiority and powerlessness; they know they are nobodies. But if they can convince the mediocre mob that they will be fulfilling their needs – then it is a mutual understanding, a bargain. Then the masses give them power, and once they have got the power, they forget all their promises; in fact they never meant them. Once they have the power, then you see their real faces.

The politician is nothing but an egoist. Inside he feels inferior – and afraid of that feeling of inferiority. He wants to be somebody, so that he can forget that feeling of inferiority. Power gives him the chance: he can see that millions of people are under his thumb. He can convince himself that he is not a nobody, he is somebody special. And he starts behaving that way. He starts misusing power. Once he is in power, he never wants to be out of it, because subconsciously he knows very well that out of power he will have to face his emptiness, his feeling of inferiority, his impotence.

And the power is in such people’s hands. Any crackpot can push a button and finish the whole of humanity – the whole of life on earth. The United Nations should be converted from a formal organisation into a real World Government, and all nations should surrender their armies and arms to it.

Then ways can be found for the arms technology to be used for some creative purposes. And millions of people in the armies will be released for such creative work, and all the scientists that all the governments are holding in their power will become, under the U.N., one single unit.

Each prime minister of the existing countries will become a member of the World Government, and all the prime ministers of the countries which join into one World Government will continue to work functionally. They won’t have any real power, because the question of anyone invading anyone else does not arise. They will simply run the railways and post offices, etc., of their countries.

There is a possibility that a few governments won’t join the World Government; then they have to be boycotted completely as if they don’t exist. There should be no relationship with them, no communication, because that is the only way to bring them to join. And they cannot stand against the World Government. They will have to surrender. It is better to surrender gracefully. And then they will have their government, they will have their internal guards, a national force which can manage internal affairs, but they will not have plants making nuclear weapons and millions of people engaged in the unnecessary exercise of killing man.

The members of the World Government will choose the world president. But the world president will be chosen not from the members of the World Government, but from outside. And one thing should be absolutely certain about him – that he is not a politician. He can be a poet, a painter, a mystic, a dancer, but not a politician. Anything except that. So in this way we will destroy the political power which has been the whole torture in the past.

The way the U.N. is now, with a few countries having veto power, should be dissolved. It is again a power trip, and this has been the cause of many troubles: one single government can veto something for the whole world. Instead, each president from different nations will have voting power according to the nation’s population of matriculates, of high school graduates.

This will change the whole power structure in the world. Then details can be worked out very easily.

source: OSHO

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