"EU has isolated Kosovo with the visa regime" said Albanian PM

Prime Minister Rama declared the unification of the Albanian people comes through the EU. For the first time, Rama criticized the EU and declared that they are isolating Kosovo...

Albania and Kosovo are advancing in what is considered as the strategic partnership between the two countries, which was reiterated once again by the joint meeting of both governments in the Albanian capital. 

Both governments sat together in the same table. With also EU symbols. They declared that the EU integration is the joint path of both countries. Prime Minister Rama declared the unification of the Albanian people comes through the EU. For the first time, Rama criticised the EU and stated that the Union is isolating Kosovo with the visa regime.

“The visa regime in Kosovo is a cynical injustie that must end once and for all, because it damages not only the dignity of the people of Kosovo, but also that of Europe. Keeping Kosovo under a visa regime is a shame for the EU”, Rama declared.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, was direct in his declaration when he said that more needs to be done for the economic relations. 

“The economic relations between our two countries have progressed less than the other areas. We have promised to work intensively to create a cooperation system based on free competition. Our governments will remove the barriers, so that this cooperation can be concrete and fruitful. The system that we are creating eliminates the obstacles of goods in a real time”, said PM Mustafa.

The Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, who introduced his strategic partnership document, considered it as very important for the region. He added that the joint cooperation in the security area is very important with the situation that has been created recently.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, valued the work done by the government of Albania to lobby for the recognition of Kosovo. He added that Albania has also helped with the accession of Kosovo in some international organisations.

© Edi Rama, Facebook Fan Page

© Edi Rama, Facebook Fan Page


The second joint meeting between Kosovo and Albania was bold-titled as: “One Land, One Nation, One Dream”. The delegation of Kosovo was received with honors at the Palace of Congresses, in an official ceremony that lasted 10 minutes.

Prime Minister Edi Rama met with his counterpart, Isa Mustafa, and the Kosovo government members.

The governments signed for 11 cooperation agreements and memorandums, such as security, coordiantion for internal control, joint equipment usage in borders, cooperation in education and science, trade, agriculture, rural development, etc,.

The key word of the meeting was deepening the strategic partnership, which has seen significant progress. Kosovo has been part of several regional initiatives and for the first time had opened in Italy’s Milano its consulate that will be used by both countries, Albania and Kosovo.

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