Dead bodies of Refugees Appear into the Italian Shore

This is a set of unverified pictures, posted by Emma Buonvino, via her facebook account. The dead bodies of men, women and children who are meant to have tried...

The what is known as the biggest Europe’s Refugee Crisis is unfolding into unnamed tragedy, as an allegedly Italian author may have found dead bodies of men, women and children having brought by the sea into the Italian shores.

By Steven McCallum — According to the UN, the vast majority of refugees have fled from Syria, where an estimated 220,000 to more than 300,000 people have been killed during its appalling and escalating war. The lack of compassion from many westerners that have been dumbed-down by xenophobic narratives in the mainstream media has been appalling. For once in your life, think for yourself! These people are human beings, our brothers and sisters who are in a perilous and desperate situation (largely caused by imperialism) that require urgent assistance!!

Refugees don’t hide their taxes in the Cayman Islands; Refugees don’t privatise the National Health Service; Refugees don’t influence government cuts to spending; And Refugees don’t scrape together their life savings, leave their loved ones behind, bribe and fight and struggle their way onto the undercarriage of a train, or into a tiny hidden compartment of a lorry with forty other people, watch their friends and loved ones die or get raped, all for the express purpose of bragging about earning £67.46 a week.

Imagine waking your children in the morning, feeding and dressing them, pulling a little girl’s hair into a ponytail, arguing with a little boy about which pair of shoes he wants to wear. Now imagine, as you are doing that, you know later today you will strap their vulnerable bodies into enveloping life jackets and take them with you in a rubber dinghy – through waters which have claimed many who have done the same. Think of the story you’d have to tell to reassure them. Think of trying to make it fun. Consider the emotional strength needed to smile at them and conceal your fear.

Try and envisage how it would feel like when that experience – your frantic flight from war – was then diminished by a vicious, dishonest media that crudely labelled you and your family “migrants,” as if you were a scourge on society. Imagine having little to no voice in countering this description of you so commonly used by governments and journalists.

Attached pictures on this terribly tragic article are terribly graphic! – which reveals the cynical reaction and demagogy of the European leadership about the resolution of the what is known the biggest refugee crisis in European content after the World War II.

Further, THEFrontliner, have been trying to get in touch with Italian people and the author him/herself who has posted the following pictures, which yet remains to be verified, but judging from the current circumstances the reality just on fit at the Europe’s unfolding tragedy in the humanitarian catastrophe in 21st century.

Below is the word written by Emma Buonvinno “Excuse me brothers …. excuse me for not being able to do anything for you ……. I’m so ashamed …… the only thing I can tell you is that I forget you and I promise to talk to people around me in this cynical and racist Europe and will tell your story!” says a facebook user account who published pictures of the dead refugees, which are brought at the unknown italian shore.

The user further says “Unfortunately I can not do more because I am poor ….. I do not have any money to be able to help …. the only thing I have is my heart!!!! With these evidences in hand I will talk about you, I will not stay indifferent” the message says, adding that “I hope that now you have found the peace you were looking for!”

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