Sanders Campaign Blasts Clinton for Healthcare Comments

Bernie Was Literally Behind You, Mrs Clinton

Hillary Clinton tried to pull a fast one on Bernie Sanders’ healthcare proposal at a rally in Saint Louis this afternoon. She failed miserably.

While speaking to supporters, Clinton joked that she sometimes has “a little chuckle to [her]self” when her opponent speaks about the necessity of providing universal, single-payer healthcare to every American.

“Where was he when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94?” Clinton rhetorically asked.

Mike Casca, Sanders’ emergency response director, shut her down with one epic tweet:

Casca’s tweet is of a 1994 press conference in which then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, with then-Congressman Sanders onstage with her, spoke about the need to provide universal, single-payer healthcare to all Americans. Casca even included a link to the video of the press conference from C-SPAN archives.

Indeed, Clinton seems to have no memory of Sanders supporting her proposals, and or even the memory of her writing a handwritten thank-you letter to Sanders for his vocal support of her advocacy. A viral story from earlier this year shed light on that letter Clinton wrote to Sanders in 1993. Sanders reminded the former First Lady of that letter in a tweet from January 13.

The letter read:

“To Bernie Sanders with thanks for your commitment to real health care access for all Americans and best wishes — Hillary Rodham Clinton 1993”

In 1993, Hillary Clinton, who was tasked with coming up with a proposal for comprehensive healthcare reform, met with two physicians who advocated for single-payer healthcare, in which the government pays for healthcare expenses rather than private insurers. One of those doctors, Dr. David Himmelstein, told The Intercept that Clinton was very receptive to the idea after asking lots of questions about its cost and implementation.

We had very substantial time to make that case and it was a very friendly conversation. It was not an antagonistic conversation in any way, Himmelstein said.

However, on the 2016 campaign trail, the former First Lady has been trying to frame Bernie Sanders’ proposal as unrealistic, and falsely accusing him of wanting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. After this latest gaffe, it appears she may have to revisit her talking points.

Foot, meet mouth.

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